Bout of Books Update!

A Girl is a Half-formed Thing Eimear McBride Kim Thuy Man Elizabeth Renzetti Based on a True Story Bout of Books Update

I am so thankful that Bout of Books’ motto is “Flailing, not failing” because for no particularly specific reason, this week has been incredibly draining for me and that has drastically decreased my reading and blogging time. That being said, I have been getting quite a bit of reading done and I am feeling pretty good about what I’ve been able to read given my “blah” mood, so here is a quick update post!

I started Bout of Books on Monday halfway through Eimear McBride’s Bailey Prize-winning A Girl is a Half-formed Thing. On day 1 I read 77 pages of it and man… intense is the only way I can describe this book. It’s told in a fragmented stream-of-consciousness kind of way which took a little bit of time to get used to but once I did I was so gripped by the book that I really felt for the unnamed main character. There are some really graphic scenes in the novel and it makes it even more harrowing seeing it from the narrator’s point of view. I will definitely be reviewing this in full closer to its release date so if you are interested in it, be sure to check back in a few weeks!

On day 2 of Bout of Books I finished A Girl is a Half-formed Thing. I was really looking forward to diving into something a bit lighter after that emotional read so I started Elizabeth Renzetti’s debut novel Based on a True Story. I’m not always into books about the rich and famous but after 100 pages I really got into it. (To be fair, the main character Augusta is more of a “has-been” so she is neither particularly rich or famous anymore, and her “sidekick” throughout most of the novel is a young writer/journalist who is down on her luck.) I love how imperfect the characters are.  It quickly made me want to root for them to succeed and really pulled me into the book. I couldn’t put it down. On day 2 I read 104 pages in total.

It seems like I’ve been gaining momentum throughout the week as on day 3 I read 120 pages – the highest number of page counts so far. It really helped that I was thoroughly enjoying Based on a True Story. I didn’t read too much at night because I had dinner plans, but trust me – I really wished I could have kept reading!

Today (well, technically yesterday as it’s past 12), I read a total of 148 pages – yay! I devoured the rest of Based on a True Story and faced the typical bookworm predicament: not having a book to read on the commute home. So, I did what any bookworm in this situation would do – I went to the bookstore. (In my defense, I had ordered something that was ready to pick up there…) While I was there I saw that they already had Kim Thuy’s Man on the shelves and even though I have a copy from NetGalley, I picked it up as I’ve been having formatting issues with it on my e-reader and because after reading the first few pages in store I just knew I had to get it. I haven’t gotten very far into it yet but I’m captivated by its quiet and poetic tone. I can’t wait to keep reading.

So there you have it! In four days, I’ve completed 2 books (technically 1 and a half since I was halfway through my first book) and read 449 pages! I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of Man and hopefully tackling the rest of my TBR pile. We’ll see!

How is your Bout of Books going? Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned in this post?

9 thoughts on “Bout of Books Update!

  1. sodiamondwords says:

    A girl is a half formed thing sounds intense! I’m immediately going to look it up. I’m still on the Game of Thrones Series, I’m looking forward to diving back into my pile when I’m done with these monsters. (Although I will miss them loads).

  2. Charleen says:

    I only read one book this week, and not even a whole book since I started it on Sunday. I was hoping to get through two, but with so much going on this week (and just being exhausted even when I wasn’t busy), I’m not really surprised I only finished the one.

    • kmn04books says:

      It’s so difficult sometimes! I’ve definitely been less active on the blogging front this past week too… like you I’ve just been so exhausted! I’m hoping to get my mojo back soon though 🙂 Did you enjoy the book you finished?

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