Monday Musings | How I Read an 850-page Book in Under a Week

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Before I get into why I was able to read an 850-page book in under a week, I have to preface this post by saying I’m generally a pretty fast reader, especially when I’m determined to get through something. However, over the past few days I found myself finishing a long, long book in what seemed like no time at all. So how was I able to do it? I think the number 1 reason was this: I read it on my e-reader and had no idea how long it was.

Here’s the thing – going into the book I knew that it was going to be long (I believe I opened a PDF of it a few days prior and promptly forgot about it). But, when I decided to give the book a shot, I didn’t remember just how long it would be. I decided to read it anyway.

As I was reading, the only way I could track my progress was by the percentage at the corner of my e-reader. With no real way to gauge how many pages lay before me, I was able to focus and just enjoy the book instead of worrying about the page count. I loved it! I normally avoid “chunksters” because of sheer intimidation, but reading on a flat screen took that all away. It also helps that the book was engaging and totally surprised me by how much I enjoyed it. 😉

So, here’s what I’m wondering today: Do you get intimidated by long books? Do you find that reading on an e-reader helps take the pressure off? Do you have any strategies for reading longer books?

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Monday Musings | The Future of Print Books

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I think, for as long as we live, we will always worry about new technology taking over old technology.

Sometimes these worries are valid (cassette tapes, anyone?) but sometimes we’re a little too pessimistic. In publishing (and for avid readers in general), the hot topic has been the rise of e-books. Will there be an e-reading generation that doesn’t value print books? Will the printed word go extinct?

So far, studies have been inconclusive. There is evidence that my generation of readers (as well as older generations) still value physical books, but are open to trying other forms of reading. I have no doubt that I will attempt to pass on my love of print to the next generation, but I also have no idea how receptive they will be to my cajoling. Though I’m sure the print book isn’t going to go extinct anytime soon (in 2013, 17% of books purchased in Canada were ebooks), I still wonder if there’s a future where most people will prefer reading from an e-reader or tablet…

What do you think? Are you a print book purist? Or have you converted to e-reading? Do you think the anxieties over whether print books will go extinct is silly, or something to be worried about? What is the value of a print book over a digital one?

(I personally think it’s a little bit silly to worry about this, but I’d also be devastated if publishers stopped printing books. I’m not a print book purist as I do own an e-reader, but I much prefer reading in print. Take that as you will!)