Get Ready For Valentine’s With These Bookish Pick-Up Lines (Success Not Guaranteed)

Bookish Pick Up Lines Valentines Day for Book Lovers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t come across any Valentine’s Day merch recently, you’ll probably know that Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. (It’s this Sunday, in fact!)

So, to get into the spirit of the “holiday,” I’ve combined two of my favourite things (book lovers and being cheesy) to help you get ready for V-Day. Note: Every time I’ve used puns to try to attract people I’ve been met with groans and slow claps, so… Your mileage may vary.

For strangers:

 If I saw you in the library I would check you out.

Valentine's Day E-Card for book lovers, One More Page Blog


For your book club crush:
Are you an astronaut? Because your book recs are out of this world!


For a casual date:
Chapters and Chill?
Chapters and Chill Valentine's Bookish Pickup Lines


For your significant other:
You’re like my favourite book: whether I’m happy or sad, I can always count on you for comfort.


Alright, that’s enough cheese for one night! Wishing you a very happy (early) Valentine’s Day, fellow book lovers!


What are your favourite bookish pick-up lines? How will you be spending Valentine’s Day this year?

10 thoughts on “Get Ready For Valentine’s With These Bookish Pick-Up Lines (Success Not Guaranteed)

  1. lessca8sings says:

    These were hilarious!!! (I may even be caught using them someday…) While I don’t have a favorite pick-up line from literature, I love looking back at hate-to-love relationships. Seeing their first words compared with their attitudes by the end is priceless.

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