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Over the weekend, I participated in #24in48 — a readathon with a goal of spending 24 out of 48 hours on reading — for the first time and had a blast! I didn’t quite reach the 24 hour goal (logging just over 12 hours – oops), but I did finish two and a half books, which felt awesome! One of those books is something you’ve probably heard of and read years ago: Divergent by Veronica Roth.

My one line reaction? I devoured it! I finished it and immediately wished that I had Insurgent on hand. To make sure I continued this forward momentum (and because I didnt want to wait any longer), I made a quick stop to the bookstore after work today. Yeeees! As they say, my night is all booked. 😉

Anyway, this frenzy to make sure I had Insurgent on hand also has something to do with my past failures at keeping up with series. I find that if I don’t keep going with a series immediately, I often drop off and not go back, no matter how much I enjoyed the first book. I’m not sure what causes this exactly, but I have a stinking suspicion that it’s because I have access to SO MANY unread books at home that there’s always something else I could be reading. That being said, I’m hoping to learn how to stick with series again. I rue the day that I drop off on a series that could be my next Harry Potter!

Did you participate in #24in48? Have you read the Divergent series? Do you have trouble keeping up with series?

14 thoughts on “Monday Musings | Reading Series

  1. Naomi says:

    I try to stay away from series, partly because I do the same thing as you, and then feel a vague sense of guilt over it. But I also think of them as more time consuming then stand-alone books, and there are too many books I want to read to spend a lot of time on one series. I am so tempted by the Ferrante books that everyone’s been loving, though. I don’t know if I will be able to resist those.
    I read Divergent a couple of years ago with my daughter, but didn’t read the last 2. I just let my daughter fill me in. I did the same thing with The Hunger Games. I think those are the only series I’ve tried to read in years.

    • Karen says:

      I’ve heard so much buzz about the Ferrante books! I haven’t gotten around to them yet (I’m not sure if I will). Another series that I’ve avoided due to sheer size is Outlander. Have you seen the Divergent movies? That’s something that I will have to do after I finish the series.

      • Naomi says:

        I saw Divergent with my daughter when it came out (it was good, and pretty faithful to the book!), but only because her friends weren’t around at the time. Who knows if I will ever see the other 2 (not because I don’t want to – just because there is not enough time for everything).

  2. Charleen says:

    I tend to wait until a series is complete and then read the whole thing at once, if I can. If I do start it while it’s still in progress, I’ll usually re-read previous books before reading the latest one, so it’s just a time-saver if I can make myself wait. I think being in the blogosphere makes that harder and harder to do, though.

    • Karen says:

      I’m definitely thankful that I waited for all of the Divergent books to be out! They all end in cliffhangers and I think it would be so hard to wait for the next one. I agree that sometimes the blogosphere makes it harder for me to want to wait for a full series to come out before reading them; everyone’s excitement is just too infectious!

  3. The Paperback Princess says:

    I find that it really depends on the series. The Hunger Games or Divergent are really easy reads, and the series are super manageable. Something like Harry Potter or Outlander or GoT – those are a bigger commitment and I’m not likely to take those on one after another. I’m 3 books into the Outlander series. I want to read the 4th book but I also know it will be a giant time suck!

    • Karen says:

      That’s really awesome! I love that even though 24 hours is the goal, there’s no pressure if you don’t reach it. It really is all about spending two days reading your heart out. Have you seen the Divergent movies? Sometimes I’ll just watch the movies in a book series if I don’t feel like picking the books back up. (I think that makes me a bad bookworm haha.)

  4. Melinda says:

    I think when I was busy with The Hunger Games, I resolved to read The Divergent Series as well, but I never got to it. I *might*, but I’m not sure. I haven’t really taken to the whole dystopian fiction genre…

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