Monday Musings | Will Twitter Stories Be The New Trend in Fiction?

David Mitchell Twitter Story The Right Sort

I know you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about David Mitchell and his newest book Slade House, but I promise this post isn’t just about that. Instead, it’s about his Twitter story, “The Right Sort”, and whether releasing serialized texts will become a new trend in fiction.

Before we get into predictions, I have to admit that even though I’d consider myself a Mitchell fan, I didn’t follow “The Right Sort” as it came out. Something in me just felt like it was too disjointed when it appeared on my timeline. However, I did enjoy going back and reading Sceptre Books’ collection of Tweets (click the photo to see the collection!). This leads me to wonder if maybe Twitter’s 140 character limit is a hindrance to¬†popularizing serialized Twitter fiction.

That being said, I feel like there is something exciting about reading something new in a serialized way. Just like we crave the next episode of our favourite TV shows, waiting for the next installment of a text is terribly exciting (and agonizing). I almost wished I had followed “The Right Sort” more closely when it was being done so I could comment more accurately on what that experience would be like.

As for whether I think Twitter stories will be the new trend in fiction? I think that there’s something really interesting in the idea, but I find it hard to read in 140 character bursts. Perhaps this would work better on a different medium? What do you think, friends?

Do you think Twitter stories will become more and more popular? Did you follow “The Right Sort” as David Mitchell tweeted it? Would you follow a new Twitter story if someone was to release one?

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings | Will Twitter Stories Be The New Trend in Fiction?

  1. Naomi says:

    Hmm. Because I’m not even on Twitter, I guess I can safely say that Twitter stories probably aren’t for me. But, maybe people who are on the run all the time enjoy having some entertainment besides facebook. It could be a good thing.

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