My Week On Instagram #3

Word on the Street Book Club Toronto 2015

(Photo credit: Michele from Just a Lil’ Lost…)

This is when I sheepishly duck into the blog and say a “hey guys…”

You may have noticed that this blog has been quieter than usual this month. I’ve been under a little more stress than usual lately and that has meant that I’ve been spending less time reading and writing (which, if I think about it, makes me feel worse). Anyway, that’s all a roundabout way of saying I’m sorry for the silence! I actually have quite a few book reviews written and ready to go, so I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

On to Instagram. I haven’t been posting as regularly as before (and, in fact, my first Insta this week was a repost from the lovely Michele) but I’m really excited about what I did post about! I couldn’t make it to the announcement event, but I’m proud to share that I’m going to be one of the book club leaders for this year’s The Word on the Street Book Club here in Toronto! I will be leading the discussion for The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan by Robert Hough. I’m so excited to start! Click here for more info on how to join the book club and here for the intro post with a little bio of me 😉 There are other titles involved as well, so definitely check them out!

I don’t normally post too many selfies on my Instagram, but I was happy to do so this week to spread my love for Judy Blume and In the Unlikely Event plus enter to win a button from Penguin Random House Canada! You can join in too by taking a selfie of you and the book and using the hashtag #IHeartJudyBlume. This contest comes at a perfect time because on Monday Judy will be in Toronto to talk about her book! As someone who grew up reading her books, I couldn’t be more excited. Stay tuned for my recap!

Overall, this has been an exciting but humbling week for me. I’ve learned that I have quite a ways to go before I can make all of my dreams a reality, but I also know that those things are worth working for, so there’s a bit of hope and excitement there too. I’m looking forward to the next few months, and I really hope to see you on the The Word on the Street Book Club blog discussing the book club picks!

How has your week been?

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