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Blog Revamp One More Page

Every couple of weeks I find myself going into WordPress’ themes section and trying to look for a new theme for my blog. With the new year coming, I’ve been itching to give my blog an update! My main problem at the moment is that I don’t self-host, so my options are somewhat limited. What is a book blogger to do?

Another issue I’ve run into is that I’m apparently very particular about how I want my blog to look. For example, I want the comments section to always be at the bottom of my posts, and for there to be a side bar so I can share my social media information and other content. Plus the font has to be juuuust right… I’m picky picky picky!

I’m wondering if I should compromise and just customize my current theme instead of trying to find a new one altogether. I will admit that I’m quite attached to the layout of my blog and I think that it’s been a huge part of my blogging identity thus far. Maybe my blog just needs to be prettied up a little. 😉

So, fellow bloggers, I have some questions for you! Have you ever revamped your blog? Did you feel as indecisive as I do now? Do you like to keep your blog mostly the same, or switch it up every now and then? (Also… what do you think of the colours I’ve chosen in the photo above? It seems to be my favourite colour scheme so far!)

Hopefully I’ll be able to make a decision soon so my blog can welcome the new year with a fresh face!

14 thoughts on “Monday Musings | Blog Revamp?

  1. Lisa says:

    Funny you should post about this, because I’ve been struggling with my theme and layout as well. It just doesn’t feel like it’s quite “me” yet. I have to admit that your blog has one of my favorite layouts, and I love the overall look and appearance. I do like your color scheme above as well. I’m sure whatever you decide on will be great!

  2. Danielle Miller says:

    I’ve changed my blog’s theme a few times. I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as your not changing it all the time.

    I’m kind of biased with yours because I love the color pink. 🙂

  3. Carole Besharah says:

    I actually chose a theme to match the homepage illustration (book spines) I made in Adobe Illustrator. Once I customized the colour scheme, I was totally happy with the look of my site. I haven’t had an itch to change it. Do you have any art skills? You could make your own logo of image, then find a WordPress theme that compliments it.

    The new year might be the best time for a blog makeover. Good luck! I do like your actual theme though. It suits your style and pretty photography.

  4. Angélique says:

    We talked about this on Twitter I think 🙂
    I think tweaking your current theme is a great start. First you can do it yourself and experiment with it. Second, it limits your options, which is a good safeguard at the beginning. Once you explored and learned everything you can and really feels too restrictive, you could switch to self-host. It’s really not that complicated. And you know someone to call for help 😉
    By the way, the screenshot you shared is really nice! I like this tint of blue and the background pattern!

  5. The Resurgent Bookworm says:

    I face the exact same thing…. I’ve changed my blog theme twice now and right now I am resisting the urge to change it once more for new year 🙂 I am also particular about certain things which restricts options. I would recommend that you change only if some major thing seems lacking …. else its better to customize and see how it pans out. Thats what I have decided for myself now 🙂

    The colour scheme looks great so I wouldn’t worry !

  6. jjoongie says:

    oh man, i obsess over blog revamps, too. (and also about the blog itself — i spent all last weekend angsting over whether or not to commit to a dedicated book blog … all bc i liked squarespace templates. -_____-) i like revamping every so often, maybe every few months or so, although i’ve found that i come back to the same three or four themes because it’s hard to find themes that work for me aesthetically. (:

    i love the colours/background you chose in that photo! i also think this theme suits your reviewing style and photos! and the colour tweaks look lovely and wintry (but in a warm way). 😀

  7. Naomi says:

    I’m the opposite of you- once my theme and colours were decided on, I have only thought of it a couple of times since (only when I see someone’s blog that blows me away). I think yours suits you, but there are probably multiple blog designs that would suit you!

  8. rivercityreading says:

    I changed my theme quite a few times when I first started blogging on Blogger and never really felt settled. Eventually, I had someone create something custom for me that I really loved before switching to self-hosted WP.

    I think might be a little more limited than Blogger with customization, but I like what you’ve done with the screenshot!

  9. Amy Sachs says:

    I actually just went through this myself! I didn’t want to lost the layout and theme I already had, so I ended up making a second blog attached to this account, that I just left on private so I could just play around with themes and how they would look. I ended up being really happy with the result. I love the screenshot you posted! What better time to redesign than the new year, anyway!

  10. The Paperback Princess says:

    I am so with you on this. I’ve been looking at mine lately going “UGH.” I am like you, I essentially like the way it’s laid out (actually that’s a lie, it could be so much better) but there aren’t a lot of themes in WordPress that I like. I think it’s something I need to play with in the new year. It is so limited within WordPress – I used to blog with blogger and their layouts were way more fun and easier to play with. WordPress is a lot cleaner though.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  11. DoingDewey says:

    I don’t ever change my blog layout, because I’m also pretty picky about how it looks. I’m thinking about actually having a theme designed for me in the near future though, perhaps to celebrate finishing up the paper I’m writing 🙂

  12. Fay says:

    I have had a massive revamp and after 9 years finally gone self hosted. It is taking a while to get the new look up and running but I am slowly getting there. I like my blog to look unclustered! Check it out if you get a chance and keep your eyes peeled for the new look! I like your layout as it is pretty and nice and simple nothing too flashy to distract attention from your writing! 😀

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