November 2014

November 2014 One More Page Blog Karen

Books read:

*The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
*The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami
*Us by David Nicholls (Review to come)
*The Woman Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes
*Alphabetique by Molly Peacock
*To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee (Not pictured because I completely forgot I had re-read it when taking this picture, but mentioned here.)
*Mrs. Hemingway by Naomi Wood (Not pictured because I had to return it to the library.)

I spent the nerdiest Sunday today watching Jeopardy! episodes on Youtube and then geeking out by reading Arthur Chu’s wife’s blog about the experience and learning an unexpected amount about Jeopardy! game theory and the whole taping process. I don’t know if you know this about me but I love playing games: board games, trivia games, card games, you name it. I also love learning about strategies and figuring them out for myself, so I guess I really admired Chu’s gameplay, even though my googling tells me it made a lot of Jeopardy! fans mad. It’s been a really good Sunday on the internet, I have to say.

Anyway, this month felt like a slow reading month, but looking back it looks like I managed to read quite a few books. I finally finished reading The Bell Jar after putting it down to read other things, and was charmed by The Strange Library and officially jumped on the Murakami bandwagon. I also developed a huge crush on Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird, so there’s that. Of the books I haven’t reviewed, I can’t wait to write about Us. It was compelling and so human that it kept me up late at night unable to put it down.

I don’t have too much personal news this month; work has been keeping me busy, as have the upcoming holidays. I can’t wait to get a Christmas tree and start Christmas baking!

How was your November, friends? What are you looking forward to the most (bookish or otherwise) in December?

21 thoughts on “November 2014

  1. Arielle Joy says:

    7 books in a month is really good, especially with being pretty darn busy. Good for you! I really want to read The Woman Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes. I haven’t read a book by her in years!!

  2. Leah says:

    It looks like you did some good reading!

    I’m really looking forward to Strange Library. I told my boyfriend I might break my book-buying ban to get it, and he reminded me that Christmas is coming up. So it looks like I’ll have to wait!

  3. Carole Besharah says:

    I’m ready To Kill a Mocking Bird right now (first time… loving it). I’m dying to know what you thought of The Bell Jar.

    I want to read Us. So. Bad. Looking forward to you review.

    • Carole Besharah says:

      Oh… I bow my head in shame. ERRORS! Take two.

      I’m reading To Kill a Mockingbird at the moment (First time. Loving it.) Iā€™m dying to know what you thought of The Bell Jar.

      I want to read Us. So. Bad. Looking forward to reading your review.

      • Karen @ One More Page... says:

        Haha! It’s too bad we can’t edit comments, eh? No judgement though, typos happen all the time! I’m glad I read The Bell Jar; it’s not the happiest story but I appreciate the writing and I’m happy to finally know what everyone is raving about when they talk about it!

  4. M | BACKLIST BOOKS says:

    Sounds like you had a pretty good month there – a nice balance of lighter and more serious. Us is on my list to read, along with Alphabetique and The Woman Who Stole My Life. I loved Mockingbird – though I barely remember it! Probably time for a re-read!

  5. thesweetreads says:

    I just read The Bell Jar a couple of weeks ago. I loveeeed it! I want to read Ariel now. And I’ve also jumped on the Murakami bandwagon– reading Norwegian Wood. To Kill a Mockingbird is a timeless classic, along with the film.

    Looks like you’ve read some great books this past November!

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