Confessions of a Shopaholic Loving Readaholic

If you’re a fan of Sophie Kinsella’s bestselling Shopaholic series (like me) you may be excited to hear that the NEW installment in the series is coming out on Tuesday!!! I’m not sure about you but I thought the Shopaholic series had ended years ago, so imagine my excitement when I found out about Shopaholic to the Stars! In the spirit of Shopaholic, I’ve decided to share my confessions as a readaholic! (Bookaholic? Mini confession: I generally don’t like made up words that end with -holic.)

1. I love the Shopaholic series.

This is not really a confession as my love for this series is pretty widely known now, but I used to pretend that I didn’t read them because somehow I felt like light, funny reads like the Shopaholic books were somehow less legitimate than heavy-hitting “literary” works. I’ve gotten over that idea and so I’m so happy and proud to say that I will read anything that Sophie Kinsella writes, especially any Shopaholic books she releases.

2. I feel bad rating books on a 5 star system.

Somehow I feel like it’s impossible to rate books accurately with this system. I don’t use an objective scale when I give ratings, so a lot of my books are rated inconsistently. For this reason, I don’t give books ratings on my blog because I would rather just guide the right readers to the book rather than give it a blanket rating.

3. I never used the word “bookish” before becoming a book blogger.

Even though I have always been bookish, for some reason this word hadn’t popped up before I started seeing it around book blogs. Now I use the phrase quite often!

4. Similarly, before becoming a book blogger, I had no idea that ARCs existed.

Call me naive, but I never thought about Advanced Reading Copies before I started blogging. I had no idea that they even existed! (Did I just assume that reviewers just read the newly-released book in a day??)

5. I judge books by their covers.

I feel pretty guilty about this, but beautiful books are just so… beautiful! If I had unlimited funds I would definitely cover buy more often. That being said, if a book’s synopsis is interesting enough, I can overlook the fact that it has a cover that doesn’t grab my attention.

6. I resist the phrases “ALL THE FEELS” and “I can’t even” because I feel like we should articulate our feelings more accurately.

However, there are certain situations that will make me feel like saying those phrases. For example: My reaction after seeing Gone Girl in theatres (“I can’t even”), and Luke and Becky Brandon’s love in the Shopaholic series give me “all the feels”.

7. I’m very competitive with myself.

For example, if I read 5 books last month, I’ll want to outdo myself and read more than 5 books the next month. Sometimes this leads me to read too quickly. I’m working on it.

8. I’m a total scaredy cat.

If there’s anything remotely frightening/not normal in a book it’ll usually make me scared. An example: the wardrobe “scene” in Jane Eyre made me worried about my wardrobe for days… That’s why, even though I think it’s a great idea, I’m not participating in any spooky readathons this month.

9. Brevity is not my strong suit.

Sometimes I think my posts are too long because of this. Again, I’m working on it! (And a quick thank you to those who read my blogs regardless of length!!)

10. I almost never schedule posts even though I mean to!

I think not scheduling posts is a bad habit of mine. I think that I’m going to try to work harder on this, because the few times I have scheduled posts it’s been so great! Plus, giving myself more time to read over what I’ve written is always good… hmmm… I guess weekend blogging sessions are going to become my new thing!

Do you have any confessions as a reader or a book blogger? Are you as excited about Shopaholic to the Stars as I am? Don’t forget to check back for my review of it!

14 thoughts on “Confessions of a Shopaholic Loving Readaholic

  1. Naomi says:

    I liked the Shopaholic book that had the scene where she was pretending to have the baby in her stroller and things got out of hand. That actually made me laugh out loud, because I could see how it could happen (to me, anyway). But, overall, I think I liked Twenties Girl the most (is that the title?). I also had no idea about ARCs, totally judge books by their covers (unapologetically), and have a hard time rating books. Everyone likes different things, so how can I rate them? Fun post!

    • kmn04books says:

      Thanks Naomi! There were definitely a few scenes in Shopaholic to the Stars that had me laughing out loud on the streetcar! (Becky goes to her daughter Minnie’s first day of school and tries to adapt to their surroundings and talk to Minnie the “LA way” and it is totally laugh out loud funny.) That’s what I love most about Kinsella’s books – they may be ridiculous at times but they are SO entertaining. I’m glad you share some of the same confessions as me!

  2. lauratfrey says:

    I did a CanLit confessions post a while ago. Maybe it’s time I do a book blogger one. Though I think it would be very similar to yours!

    I’ve only read the first Shopaholic and I did like it. I read the Undomestic Goddess which was ok, then I read Can You Keep a Secret, which I violently hated, and haven’t gone back to her since.

    I hate the word “bookish” and never hear it outside book blogger circles. Thank god. Had no clue what an ARC was till about two years ago.

    “I can’t even” and “All the feels” – I would feel ridiculous saying either, I’m 34 years old. I have many little crutch words and phrases, but at least they’re age appropriate 🙂

    I have never scheduled posts in all my three (almost four!) years of blogging. It’s not my style. It’s another thing I had NO IDEA people even did, for a long time.

    And brevity? I try, but end up posting 2000+ word reviews anyway 🙂

    • kmn04books says:

      Haha I remember reading Can You Keep a Secret but don’t remember much about it. Do you remember what you didn’t like about it? Hehe I’m glad I’m not the only one with these confessions!

  3. The Paperback Princess says:

    I’ve spent a long time trying to get people to accept Chick Lit for what it is and to just enjoy it. I’m glad that you are now openly a lover of this genre. Sophie Kinsella is the best. I felt like there was a bit of a forced quality to some of the books (mainly Shopaholic and Sister) but Kinsella was totally back in top form with Mini Shopaholic. Good Lord that was a funny book. I loved Shopaholic to the Stars but we both had some issues with the ending. I adore all of her standalone books. I could write so much more about my Kinsella love…

    I feel the same about rating books on a 5 star system. Goodreads really needs to get on a 1/2 star system ability. I would feel better about the whole thing if I could give half stars. But my ratings are so not consistent – I have no criteria for ratings.

    I use “I can’t even” all the time. I know it’s a terrible habit. I write the way I speak and I’m a tad dramatic and sometimes I just “can’t even.” It’s probably something I should work on.

    I love the word bookish. I love using “ish” at the end of any word I can get away with actually. I think I might be the worst blogger ever. I’m also super competitive with myself and the idea that I won’t beat the amount of books I read last year is actually killing me.

    Fun post!

    • kmn04books says:

      Yes. OMG I NEED THE NEXT ONE NOW!! The only good thing about that ending is that it means there will be more Shopaholic books in the future 😉

      Totally agree with you on the half stars! (I’m sure many users agree as well!) Haha I definitely have said “I can’t even” in conversation (again, about Gone Girl) so I can see how it got online. It’s not (always) for me but that’s what makes us all different, right?

      (Also, I think I should add over-using parentheses as my 11th confession – sheesh!)

  4. jjoongie says:

    ARCs are a mystery to me. i’m so jealous because they seem like magical things accessible by the select. haha.

    and #5! so agree! i very much appreciate a well-designed book, especially when it’s well-designed all the way through. it peeves me to open a book with a beautiful jacket only to open it and find that the pages are a mess with terrible type and horrible margins, but a book that is beautiful all the way through makes my heart sigh. :3

    i must confess to slipping a “i can’t even” every so often, usually when i’m so flabbergasted that words elude me. ^^

    • kmn04books says:

      Totally! (Re: #5) The most recent one that comes to mind is Haruki Murakami’s Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage designed by Chip Kidd. Now THAT was a well-designed book. SO GOOD.

      There are definitely situations where “I can’t even” is a totally justifiable reaction!

  5. Leah says:

    I share almost all of these 😛

    5-star system totally doesn’t work for me. For one thing, it’s too vague; 10 stars would be more precise. Also, it’s so subjective! Just because I give a book 2 stars doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t give it 4 stars. I would rather someone read the whole review to determine whether our tastes are similar than jump to conclusions based on a star rating.

    • kmn04books says:

      Totally! That’s why I don’t give a rating on my blog. I feel like it’s somehow unfair to a book to reduce it to a mere number, especially one that is so subjective! I wonder if Goodreads will ever adjust their rating system (although it would probably be a huge headache to get everyone to re-rate their books!).,,

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