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Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey Blog Search on One More Page blog

Elizabeth is missing.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll know that I received a copy of Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey from Random House Canada to review earlier this week. Well, I finished and loved the book so much that I thought I would do something a little interactive and fun to get my blog readers as excited about it as I am! So, let me introduce the Elizabeth is Missing Blog Search! 

Elizabeth is missing and it’s up to us to help her friend Maud find her! I have hidden clues all over the internet for you to find. Once you solve a clue, you will receive a new clue until you have found everything. You will also find one word with each clue. There are four words (and five clues) in total. These four words will spell out a phrase. When you think you know what the phrase is, come back to my blog and enter the phrase here! Please note that the password does not have spaces! Example: DOESNOTHAVESPACES. Let’s see how many of you can figure it out!

To make things a little easier, I have some links for you (also pictured above):

My Facebook page: http://facebook.com/onemorepagereviews
My Pinterest account: http://pinterest.com/karenfma
My Twitter account: http://twitter.com/karenfma
My Instagram account: http://instagram.com/onemorepageblog

And to start you off, here is the first clue!

“Elizabeth is missing. Has she had food to eat? Maybe we’ll find her where birds like to tweet.”

(Since I’ve gotten tired of having the tweet pinned on my Twitter, here’s the answer to the first clue!)

Happy searching! PS. This is a SPOILER-FREE blog search, so don’t worry if you haven’t read the book yet!

(1) This blog search was not organized or suggested by Random House Canada. This is something I thought up on my own because I loved the book and was incredibly excited to share and discuss it with you all!
(2) The Elizabeth is Missing heading in my picture above was taken from a picture of the book cover shown on its Goodreads page. **

11 thoughts on “Elizabeth is Missing Blog Search

  1. Naomi says:

    This looks like fun, but I don’t think it would be fair for me to play, since I know the answer. I read it and loved it, too! Did you know how it was going to turn out, as you read it? And, what did you think of the protagonist? I loved her, and thought her inner dialogue seemed very real and believable (having not much experience to go on).

    • kmn04books says:

      Hehe thanks for your comment! If you want, you can still play because this is a spoiler-free search! I don’t give away any real information re: Elizabeth’s whereabouts in the book; you only unlock the password-protected blog post 😉

      I had NO idea it was going to turn out that way. I had a feeling I knew what happened to Elizabeth, but had no idea about Sukey’s case. It was very thrilling to read. I loved Maud. I liked that she was given her own voice so readers didn’t just write her off as being old. She had her own story, her own history that explains why she is the way she is fundamentally. I loved loved loved it!

      • Naomi says:

        I really liked Helen, too. And I liked that it didn’t focus too much on her, because I think that would have been too sad. From Maud’s point of view I felt like I didn’t need to feel sad. She had her life and her memories, and she wasn’t dwelling on her illness, or feeling sorry for herself.

    • kmn04books says:

      Aw, thank you for saying that! I was a bit worried that people wouldn’t be interested 😛 Good luck! I haven’t had any feedback yet, so I’m not sure if people are getting stuck!

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