Monday Musings | Paperback vs. Hardcover

Paperback vs Hardcover

I’m in the process of reading Alena Graedon’s new book The Word Exchange and I can’t put it down! Unfortunately, because it’s a hardcover version, it means that I have to carry it in a tote bag as opposed to just throwing it into my backpack. I don’t know what it is about hardcovers for me but I always treat them more delicately than paperbacks. So this leads me to this week’s Monday musing! Price aside, do you have a preference for either hardcovers or paperbacks? If you have a hardcover book, do you leave the dust jacket on or do you take it off?

I think my preference is paperback versions because they’re less heavy to carry around and, as I mentioned above, I find them more “low maintenance.” When I do have hardcovers I always take the dust jacket off when reading because I hate getting it crumpled and dirty! I also find paperbacks easier to read with one hand. I guess my vote is for paperbacks then!

What is your preference? Is there a specific reason why? Do you treat your hardcovers the same way as your paperbacks?

19 thoughts on “Monday Musings | Paperback vs. Hardcover

    • kmn04books says:

      Haha if the book is only published in hardcover (as is the case for The Word Exchange as of right now) I will definitely pick it up regardless! But, yeah, it looks like paperbacks are slightly ahead in the poll!

    • kmn04books says:

      I like both but I think the convenience of a paperback gives it an edge for me. I’m surprised that so many people voted for paperback over hardcover though. Thanks for commenting!

      • ebookclassics says:

        I’ve always had a Kobo, but they were gifts. I like supporting Kobo because they were originally Canadian, but I find the product is just okay (at least the two I have owned, I have a Kobo Mini right now). It does the job and is so light to carry.

      • ebookclassics says:

        Hmm, I can’t seem to continue our thread … Anyhoo! The Kindle Paperwhite looks gorgeous and I would consider it too, but I didn’t realize it doesn’t support epub. I wonder why.

  1. Charleen says:

    I prefer hardcovers. I like that they feel more solid; with paperbacks, I’m always a little afraid it’s going to fall apart on me. The price can be an issue though, so when I’m buying a book, sometimes I’ll go with a trade paperback instead, but I really don’t like mass markets.

    • kmn04books says:

      That’s fair. There is definitely a sturdiness to hardcovers that paperbacks lack. I will say that I really dislike when the cover of my paperbacks get bent! It almost always leaves a mark that can’t be undone – so that’s definitely a point for the hardcover camp!

  2. Rebecca Scaglione - Love at First Book says:

    Not about your post topic, but . . .

    OMG The Song of Achilles!!! I literally just yelled at people to read it in my post. 😀

    I prefer hardcover because they are pretty under their jackets, but I prefer to hold a paperback. Paperbacks just get a little rattier through use and spending time in my purse.

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